Welcome to Plymouth Performance Gym

PPG is a training facility unlike any other currently in Plymouth. Designed to provide everyone from Pro Athletes to office workers with the facilities and expertise usually reserved for professional sports clubs it contains everything you need to achieve your goals.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve sporting performance or a complete beginner who just wants to get in shape, our expert staff will be happy to help. Once you’ve experienced a real training environment like PPG you won’t want to work out anywhere else.


Adult Full:
£25 per month

Pay for 6 months up front and get 1 month free
Pay for 1 year up front and get 2 months free

* Terms and Conditions apply

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Register your interest simply enter your email address below or follow us on facebook where we will be posting details of class timetables.

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The gym is equipped with:

  • Olympic lifting platforms and bumper plates
  • Strongman equipment (giant tyres, farmers walk handles, yoke, pressing log etc.)
  • 3x power racks
  • sleds
  • chains and bands
  • kettlebells
  • ropes
  • plyo boxes
  • med balls
  • gymnastic rings
  • grappler
  • concept 2 rowing machines
  • as well as the usual kit most people expect to see when they walk in the gym!
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